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Thread: Wedding Day - 8 weeks away!

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    Goal Weight: 10st5.2lb
    Goal Date: 28/02/2015

    BMI Information:
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    Goal BMI: 25.7

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    Wedding Day - 8 weeks away!

    Hi all!

    I'm back again after having a failed attempt back in September due to lack of motivation.

    So this is day 1 for me but feeling much much more motivated as in the last few weeks have booked my wedding date! Been having such difficulty choosing a dress even though we are doing it small and intimate and realised it's because I'm fighting with my figure!

    So I'm starting off Exante TS again for these 8 weeks til the big day in the hope I can look and feel better walking down the aisle. I currently weigh 14st 8lbs and have set a realistic goal of losing 1st 8lbs in that time. (Overall I'd eventually like to get down to 9st 7lbs but not happening in 8 weeks!)

    Hope everyone else is doing well! And fingers crossed for a good result!

    SW: 14st 10lb (02/05/2014) Restart Weight - 14st 5.2lbs (30/09/2014)

    Week 1-15 (-44.9lbs)

    43 Day Challenge [Final WI - 28/02/2015] Target Loss - 14lbs

    Week 1 - (-8.2lbs)

    Week 2 -
    Week 3 -
    Week 4 -
    Week 5 -

    BMI goals

    BMI 29.9 (Overweight) - 12st 1lb (06/12/2014)
    BMI 25 (Normal) - 10st 1lb (1st 0.6lbs to go)

    Mini Goals

    Mini goal 1 - to have lost a total of 2st 7lb by end of December. (11st 12lbs) (Achieved - 16/12/2014)

    Mini goal 2 - to have lost a total of 3st for my 100 day challenge (11st 5lbs) (Achieved - 06/01/2015)

    Mini goal 3 - to fit comfortably into a size 14 dress/jeans (Achieved 13/01/2015)

    Mini goal 4 - to have lost a total of 4st by end of February (10st 5lbs)

    Mini goal 5 - to have lost a total of 4st 7lbs by future sister in law's hen do 20/03/2015 (9st 12lbs)

    Mini goal 6 - to have lost a total of 5st by brother's wedding 17/05/2015 (9st 5lbs)

    Mini goal 7 - to have maintained weight between 9st 5lbs-9st 10lbs for 1 year wedding anniversary 06/06/2015

    Mini goal 8 - to have maintained weight loss and be at no more than 9st 7lb for graduation October 2015.

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    Goal Date: 01/09/12

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 29.8
    Current BMI: 25.6
    Goal BMI: 21.2

    Total Weight Loss: 1st9lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st10lb
    % Lost 14.11%
    Congratulations! I did Exante (the first time) to lose my baby weight in time for my wedding. I hit my goal weight in the morning of the wedding and my wedding breakfast was the first "food" I'd eaten for 4 months so it can be done! Good luck!

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