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Thread: restart battle agin again

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    restart battle agin again

    Hey all been trying to restart for the last couple of weeks start doing good then for some reason give in at about six. But somthing happend yesterday I went to get weighed and was shocked 16st7

    Now I remember a couple yrs ago when my bf was trying to help me with losing weight he said if u don't get serious soon ull be like 17st I was like no way now look 7lbs away and he said that two yrs ago when I weighed 14st.

    After I had our daughter I was 13st 2lbs I can't believe 3yrs later another 3st this has to stop now I haven't had a chance to enjoy my 20s coz of my weigh I need to be serious now here goes x

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    You can do this just take one day at a time if you can get through first week then it gets easier, just keep picturing how you will look and feel,drink plenty and look forward to feeling better x

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    That's sad to not be enjoying your 20s because of your weight, but I understand and similarly put things off when I'm heavier. I yo yo a lot but more recently if haven't seen much of the low end of the yo yo and am terrified I'll just get bigger than ever at this rate. I also kept restarting - but today is day 2. What day are you on? All the best x

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    Good luck Lilly-you can do this-it is hard at the start but it does get easier-I am at the end of week 3 now and I am not even thinking about food at the moment-I just get on with it and I do feel sooooo much better physically, Stick with it-it is worth it-use the summer as an incentive, that's what I am doing!

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    How you getting on Lilly?
    Its hard at the beginning, keep drinking and take it a day at a time, well that's what I'm trying!
    Keep going and you'll be where you want to in no time.
    Good luck

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    Hi Lilly. How is your week going?

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