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Thread: First day! Never done a replacement diet before!

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    Hi guys!

    This is the first day of my first time doing a meal replacement diet. I've lost a few stone on WW before but that was a while ago now and I've had a child since then! I need to get my BMI back in healthy range!

    I've doing shakes only for the time being because I can't be trusted near any food at all, I'd just cave and eat everything!!

    Is anyone else doing just shakes?

    Anyone that has done Exante or similar diets before, are there any side effects I should be wary of? I've read things about hairloss etc, it's scary!

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    Also doing total solution but having some of the meal packs as well as shakes. Love the choc mint shake and the pasta carbonara meal. My understanding is that side effects can be constipation, hair thinning and depression. I'm over two weeks in at this stage and feel great. I'm making sure that I drink the water so that constipation isn't an issue. Depression also not an issue as I'm feeling focused on hitting targets - finding that small targets work best for me. Not sure what I'll do if hair starts thinning but I'm sure there is some supplement or something to help. Best of luck.

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    I have done vlcd twice before, 1st cambridge and 2nd time on exante. Both gains were due to illness and meds so rather out of my control.

    Headaches are quite common in 1st 7-10 days, constipation has been an issue for me even though i drink loads of water but this has not been an issue for too long. Other than that I have not had any other side effects that I can think of.

    Wishing you all the best on exante x

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