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Thread: Day 1 nearly over

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    Day 1 nearly over

    so im on yet another restart after many failing due to illness, family loss and binge eating caused by depression.
    Day 1 has gone better than expected, at 3 I wanted to eat everything in sight but the washing up stopped me.
    so heres to a skinny me hopefully

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    Lol, washing up stops binge! Brilliant! Hope the first few days are kind to you :-)
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    That is dedication! I'd do anything to avoid doing the washing up! Hope you're feeling better now, should be in ketosis by now?

    Change "I can't have that" to "I can have that but I don't want it"

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    Just though is say hello and wish you all the best on exante, hope your feeling bit better and less hungry now. It does take a few days but after a week or so it does get easier and becomes the norm x

    Natalie xxx

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    5th goal - Reach 12 stone - DONE
    6th goal - Hit 3 stone loss for this year. - 3lb to go
    7th goal - Main goal weight of 11st10!!!! - 2lb to go

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    Hi everyone

    Just thought I would post on here as it's day 1 for me today! I'm not new to this (probably about the 5th restart this year). This time I have decided to set myself mini targets instead of looking too far ahead. So my first mini target is a full week of 100% ts! How is everyone else getting on?

    Amy x

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