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Thread: Carbonara explosions!

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    Carbonara explosions!

    Hi mum is a complete technophobe so im writing this on her behalf!!

    She's just got the carbonara packs but when she makes them up they explode over the microwave :-/ are there any hints/tips to stop this happening? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. x
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    Awesome cool :)
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    Hi McGlynn62

    Firstly, we are all friends here - I think you should teach your mum how to use this site as the support on here can be priceless! We keep each other going and you can often find new tricks and ideas that can contribute to her weight loss.

    As to your Carbonara issue, I have never used them but I searched around for you to find someone else was having this problem:

    "I use 200mls of water and cook the pasta carbonara on the hob over a low heat, I've only ever tried to cook it in the microwave once and it exploded everywhere lol x" - Samprand

    Give it a go that way - if you don't have a hob, try covering the dish wish clingfilm and pierce a few holes in the top. Similarly, plonk a plate on top of the dish - this is normally how I would make noodles (back when food was an option :P)

    Good Luck!
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