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Thread: where am i going wrong?

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    I dont thnk you are doing anything wrong at all. Weekly weighing just doesn't work for everyone. Try weighing monthly - you will see the differences more clearly. The less you have to lose the harder it gets. A stone a month dropped off when I was 17 stone to start but each month it was a bit less. The last month wa really tough, only about 10 pounds. But it all evens out over time, be patient and dont be a slave to the scales, they can seriously damage your mental health.

    Good luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs.c.t View Post
    Hi I do about 20 mins a day jogging or step,

    I'm glad some one else is having the same issues as me, weigh day for me is tomorrow and I'm so hoping I've done more then 2lbs this week!

    It's just a little disheartening when you go without everything and loose so little when others around you are doing the more conventional diets or slimming groups and loose more then you a week :-(
    It is really disheartening, you're right!
    This lack of loss is really getting me down
    Good luck with your losses though and I hope you find the right balance x

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