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Thread: Question on add food week

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    Question on add food week

    Hi all, I have a quick question for you all, I am on day 6 TS and intend to be 100% however I have a little problem.....I do not want to tell my mother in law about this diet as I know she will have an opinion which will not be a good one and she'll never let it drop ( believe me it's easier she never knows lol ) the problem is we get invited over for Sunday lunch usually every couple of weeks, now I can miss one or two but I'm never going to get out of them all. I can however get away with saying I'm low carbing and have just veg and meat, my question is if I'm having this small low carb meal every other Sunday could this be instead of adding 200 calls of protein for a week every forth week.

    What do you think ??


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    I think that would be ok, just be wary of portion sizes of veggies due to their carb content, the meat will be fine. But if you start to feel as though you need something to eat during the 'food weeks' aswell, go ahead and do that too - listen to your body
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