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Thread: What's the fastest anyone's got into ketosis??

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    What's the fastest anyone's got into ketosis??

    ...just wondering? I'm on day 1 and just want it to kick in ASAP!!!!

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    Varies from person to person. If you're lucky around day 3 if not it can take anything up to 5/6 days

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    Total Weight Loss: 0st12.1lb
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    End of day 3 for me.
    Start Weight 110Kg Jan 14
    Re-Start Weight 109Kg Sep 14

    Week 1 lost 4.5kg
    Week 2 lost 2.0kg total loss 6.5kg
    Week 3 lost 0.5kg total loss 7.0kg
    Week 4 lost 0.5kg total loss 7.5kg
    Week 5 lost total loss
    Week 6 lost total loss
    Week 7 lost total loss


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    Get Below 95 Kg
    Complete a 10k run in less than 60 min (24-2-14)
    Get Below 90 Kg
    BMI Below 25
    Compete in a 10k race in 2015 (maybe Lincoln 10k)

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    % Lost 3.25%
    I was def in by day 3 but I'm quite quick with it I think
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    End of day 4 now, pretty sure I'm in ketosis now. Yakky taste in my mouth, not particularly hungry and feel pretty energetic. Had a few moments where I'm missing eating but haven't really been craving food, mad when you think about how little calories we're having!!

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    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 43.5
    Current BMI: 43.5
    Goal BMI: 35.3

    Weight to Lose: 4st11lb
    % Lost 0%
    Day 5... and it was a total struggle up to that point!
    Start date: 26th July 2014
    Start weight: 357lbs

    Back to square 1 in terms of start point... but with a very different body shape.

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