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Thread: Gym in addition to TS?

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    Gym in addition to TS?

    I've just purchased the total package but I am currently not registered at the gym as last time my level of motivation dropped so much and i was making excuses not to go! Plus i really hate going to the gym because I feel like everyone is staring and the whole experience makes me uncomfortable...

    My question is would the TS help with weight loss if i am doing regular walking without intense work out sessions?
    Any help would be appreciated x

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    Time to crack on! :)
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    If you are doing TS you won't necessarily need to exercise as you will lose weight because of the low number of calories you are consuming. Mind you, some people exercise anyway as they feel more energetic and also as a means to keep themselves occupied.

    If you do decide that you want to exercise, could you find another gym? (Not that you should have to by the way - if people were staring at you they should learn to mind their own business! Or maybe you were imagining it?)

    Or, go a different way and chose non-gym ways of exercising? Like swimming, walking would be great, aerobics etc. Another option would be to buy yourself a wii/treadmill/exercise bike and exercise at home, at your own speed x
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    When I was on total solution, I kept active (lots of walking etc) but did not do strenuous exercise, as I did not want to run myself down on too few calories. I managed to lose 3 stone in 4 months. As I started to increase my calories then I started doing the 30 day shred to tone up and get fit. I do level 3 every morning and also do 40 minute runs. I also hate the gym, but really enjoy my work out and running with my little dogs. Just stick with the walking at the moment, but I think the time to up your exercise is when you reintroduce food, to get your metabolism going.
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