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Thread: Food on total solution

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    Food on total solution

    Hi! I've just started exante and am on Total Solution. I was just wondering if I could substitute one meal for a can of tuna? I know we aren't supposed to have any real food, but a can of tuna follows the low carb, low calorie guidelines. I obviously don't want to do it if it will stall my weightloss as I feel like I can continue taking the products three times a day no problem, I was just entertaining the idea....... Thanks

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    I honestly think it would be fine like you said, its low cal, low carb, shouldn't affect your losses or ketosis x
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    If you substituted it for a pack then you would lose a 1/3 of the nutrients you are meant to have on a daily basis. You need to have all 3 packs on TS and then if you feel the need you could have the can of tuna in addition if you are struggling.
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    No it wouldn't be fine. A tin of tuna doesn't have the nutrients etc in a pack. There's more to the packs than just carbs and kcals. By all means have a tin of tuna but it has to be as well as the packs

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    Sorry, been away for a few days. Thanks for the replies, I've avoided the tuna I@ve ordered some double choc bars and like the fact that I'm actually chewing something....but I don't find them as filling as the other food. Is it just me?

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