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Thread: Newbie to exante !!

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    Newbie to exante !!

    Hello!! I just wanted to introduce myself, I've been on this forum a while but usually stay on the cambridge forum, I saw exante on ******* and thought I might as well give it a go, I can't stand the cambridge shakes and so I had nothing to lose, I'm 3 days into exante, with at least 2 stone to lose ready for my wedding in April.

    Hoping to lose a decent amount, does anyone have a rough idea of weekly weight loss amounts I could expect if I stick to it?

    Have a good day guys !!

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    Hi Starry, I have found that after the initial week where you tend to lose a lot I find that I can lose anything from between 4-8lbs a week (when I am being good of course !!). Stick at it and I am sure that you will notice that 2st gone by end of February/early March

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    Hey I have 2 to lose till my wedding in May, and so far I've done a week but only had 4 100% days

    I work long hours and have felt really crappy, so starting a fresh tomorrow, going to get some bits,fibre supplements and regular ibuprofen for the first week.

    Good luck xx

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    Hi, I'm getting married on the 14th April :-) and I've got 2st to lose too!! I'm on day 9 now, well just starting today. But so far 8 days 100% TS and 8lbs lost in week one. My first dress fitting is in two weeks and my biggest motivator is that. It's not a forgiving dress! Then the honeymoon etc

    Good luck with your goal!!

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    Total Weight Loss: 2st4lb
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    Good luck everyone. I'm getting married in May and have 2.5st left to lose (already lost 3st10lb)
    We can all do it. A little focus goes a long way

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