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Thread: Day 1 for me

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    17th February, 2008
    fife, scotland
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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 24.2.14
    Start Weight: 23st3lb
    Current Weight: 22st2.5lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0lb
    Goal Date: When It Happens

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 54.1
    Current BMI: 51.7
    Goal BMI: 28

    Total Weight Loss: 1st0.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 10st2.5lb
    % Lost 4.46%

    Day 1 for me

    Looks like im back for a restart then eh?! Only like the millionth time or thereabouts.

    Decided today would be the day but have also woken up with a cold so no one can say i do things by halves anyways. Thinking being that if im feeling rough with the cold then i wont focus on the first 3 days of carb flu. We'll see if it works like that anyways.

    Will be splitting my packs initially until ketosis kicks in then onto the normal 3 a day.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all xx
    1st Goal - Get under 20st
    2nd goal - Get to 17st 7lb to feel comfy flying
    3rd goal - Get to 15 stone
    4th goal - Get to 12 stone and reassess

    Week 0 = 23st 3lbs
    Week 1 = 22st 5.5lbs
    Week 2 = 22st 2.5lbs
    Week 3 =?

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    7th January, 2008
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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft1.6in
    Start Date: 06/01/14
    Start Weight: 17st7lb
    Current Weight: 12st3lb
    Goal Weight: 9st0lb
    Goal Date: Christmas 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 45.4
    Current BMI: 31.7
    Goal BMI: 23.3

    Total Weight Loss: 5st4lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st3lb
    % Lost 30.2%
    Hi Loser, well done for giving it another go and hope you're soon feeling better.

    All losses since restarting Exante 06/01/14
    Into the 16's - done 13/01/14
    To 15st 13lbs - done 08/02/14
    In size 18 Next jeans - done 23/02/14
    To 14st 13lbs - done 03/03/14
    Into size 16 Next jeans - done 15/04/14
    To 13st 13lbs - done
    To 13st 9lbs (move into class 1 obese on my spreadsheet) - done

    To 13st 3lbs (over half way to goal!) - 10/05/14
    To 12st 13lbs - done 15/05/14
    To 12st 12lbs (lowest weight in ?24? years) - done 18/05/14
    To 12st 7lbs (5 stone loss) - done 28/05/14
    To get to 12st 6lbs - done 02/06/14
    Into size 14 Next jeans - done 27/05/14
    To get to 11st 13lbs
    To get to 11st 6lbs (no longer obese - overweight)

    The Final Leg Restart 08/07/14 - 13st 6lb

    Week 1 -13lb
    Week 2 - 4lb
    Week 3
    Week 4
    Week 5
    Week 6
    Week 7
    Week 8
    Week 9

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