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Thread: Adding more water to the shakes

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    Adding more water to the shakes

    I've just had my 1st mango shake and to be honest cant make up my mind what i think of it!

    Would i be able to add some more water to it when i make it up? Only an extra 50mls or so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loser85 View Post
    I've just had my 1st mango shake and to be honest cant make up my mind what i think of it!

    Would i be able to add some more water to it when i make it up? Only an extra 50mls or so?
    I have been advised that adding water is perfectly acceptable - it's only water and no different to having a shake and having a glass of water at the table at the same time as your meal. My preference is to add more water to the shakes and particularly the soups - I am not keen on them without the extra. dilution.
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    I generally make all my shakes with 450ml - 500ml and I feel fine .

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    I've been putting more water in too - and having some of them hot, made with water from the kettle when it has boiled and rolled down a little. - makes them like a hot choc, hot strawberry etc. I like them that way.
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