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Thread: New starter today

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    19th February, 2014
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    New starter today

    Hi everyone,

    Just started back today (was on Total Solution 3 years ago).

    Liking the new flavours so far, definitely haven't drank enough water today, hope to remedy that tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone!

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    19th February, 2014
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    Weight to Lose: 1st12lb
    Snap! I started the Total Solution yesterday. I bought a 2 litre bottle of water and drank all of that and glasses of water on top of that too. Maybe if you get a bottle like that its a visual reminder to drink? I usually never drink enough but that definitely helped.

    I have a fuzzy head today though and it's only Day 2.

    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the packs too, especially the porridge and chocolate shake :-)

    Good luck, nice to meet someone at the same stage as me :-)
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    Good luck! I find that having a bottle is great to keep track of how much I've drunk but then I pour it into a glass as I find it easier to drink from :-)
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    28/01/14 - 14st07
    04/02/14 - 14st01 (-6lbs) (Total loss: 6lbs)
    11/02/14 - 13st10 (-5lbs) (Total loss: 11lbs)
    18/02/14 - 13st06 (-4lbs) (Total loss: 1st 1lb)
    25/02/14 - 13st05 (-1lbs) (Total loss: 1st 2lbs)
    04/03/14 - 13st01 (-4lbs) (Total loss: 1st 6lbs)
    11/03/14 - 12st12 (-3lbs) (Total loss: 1st 9lbs)
    18/03/14 - 12st09 (-3lbs) (Total loss: 1st 12lbs)
    25/03/14 - 12st06 (-3lbs) (Total loss: 2st 1lb)
    01/04/14 - 12st02 (-4lbs) (Total loss: 2st 5lbs)
    08/04/14 - 11st13 (-3lbs) (Total loss: 2st 8lbs)
    15/04/14 - 11st12 (-1lbs) (Total loss: 2st 9lbs)

    Goal 1: Get back to my Christmas weight (14st) - Achieved 11/02/14
    Goal 2: Lose 1 stone (13st7lb) - Achieved 18/02/14
    Goal 3: Be overweight instead of obese (13st3lbs) - Achieved 04/03/14
    Goal 4: Lose 10% of my starting weight (13st) - Achieved 11/03/14
    Goal 5: Comfortably wear 34" jeans - Achieved 12/03/14
    Goal 6: Lose 2 stone (12st7lb) - Achieved 15/03/14
    Goal 7: Comfortably wear a medium t-shirt - Achieved 06/04/14
    Goal 8: Lose 20% of my starting weight (11st 9lbs)
    Goal 9: Comfortably wear 32" jeans
    Goal 10: Lose 3 stone (11st7lb)
    Goal 11: Be "normal" instead of overweight (11st)

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    Better today, have managed a bit more water. Have only had one shake and a bar. Feeling quite full and slightly quaesy. Starting to get a headache, so got to keep on with the water.

    Am quite optimistic about everything although I have a long way to go.

    OH brought in chocolate bars for everyone - what a pillock! Too queasy to be tempted though!

    Good luck everyone x

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    Just a quick note to say that I am Chooky Tatty, I found my old username and restarted with that!

    Chooky Tatty no more, Chunky Madwife is back!

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    Im always here!

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    Current BMI: 35.8
    Goal BMI: 23

    Total Weight Loss: 3st7lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st0lb
    % Lost 20%
    Well done for starting CM and Danielle, you'll be so glad you did

    To get into the 16's - done 13/01/14
    To get to 16st 6lbs - done 27/01/14
    To get to 15st 13lbs - done 08/02/14
    To wear my eternity ring - done 04/02/14
    To get to 15st 6lbs - done 24/02/14
    To get in size 18 Next jeans - done 23/02/14
    To get to 14st 13lbs - done 03/03/14
    To get to 14st 6lbs - done 24/03/14
    To get to 199lbs - done 24/03/13
    To get into size 16 Next jeans - done 15/04/14
    To get to 13st 13lbs - done
    To get to 13st 9lbs (move into class 1 obese on my spreadsheet)
    To get to 13st 6lbs
    To get to 13st 3lbs (over half way to goal!)

    Week 1 -9lb
    Week 2 -4lb
    Week 3 -4lb
    Week 4 -3lb
    Week 5 -3lb
    Week 6 -5lb 2 stone loss
    Week 7 -5lb
    Week 8 -4lb
    Week 9 + 3.5lb (weekend away)
    Week 10 -8.5lb
    3 stone loss
    Week 11 -4lb
    Week 12 -3lb
    Week 13
    Week 14

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    good luck xx

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    Start BMI: 45.8
    Current BMI: 45.8
    Goal BMI: 28.8

    Weight to Lose: 7st1lb
    % Lost 0%
    Hi starting today. Doing a mixture of total and working (hoping that's ok?!) so today will be 2 shakes and a chicken salad for lunch. Gonna have to get my head around what real food I can have. Best of luck!!!! Xx
    Well, I'm back and determined to do this!

    19.1-18.1: On my own through stress, WW, Slimming world and calorie counting!!

    Exante/low carb

    Start weight 18.1

    Week 1: -12lbs Weight: 17.3
    Week 2: + 4lbs Weight: 17.7 ... Planned weekend off for drinking - wish i'd not bothered!!
    Week 3:
    Week 4:

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