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Thread: Nightshift! Arghh.

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    Nightshift! Arghh.

    So I am doing nightshift for the next two nights - arghhhh. I don't know what to do: when to eat, what counts as Friday and what counts as Saturday.

    So far today I have had one bar just now.

    Planning maybe a shake around midnight or before depending on break times/hungryness.

    Maybe another shake around 5am?

    I can't get my head around this!

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    I can imagine it is tricky. I don't do nightshifts so can't really help much - except to say as long as you have 3 packs every 24 hour period you should be fine. It doesn't matter when in those hours you have them, but your body needs the daily nutrition from them. Hope it is getting easier for you.
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    I treat my night shift like any other day. My day starts when I get up and ends at bed time

    Ive found that's easiest for me to keep tabs on things

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