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    Hello Fellow dieters!

    Today is my first day on Exante. I have been doing Lipotrim for the last 4 weeks and lost 1st 9.5lbs however its so expensive and I ended up getting sick of the soup/ shakes. Had the Exante apple and cinnamon porridge this morning for breakfast- Surprised at how great it tasted! Lookig forward to lunch and tea!
    If you have any hints or tips you would like to share it would be much appreciated!

    Victoria xoxox
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    Hi and welcome! Tomorrow is the start of week four for me but I haven't really got any hints and tips sorry!! I do like the chocolate shake made with peppermint tea though and the vanilla with coffee added into it.
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    Hello I am on week 2 now, I loved most of the meals, but herbs and spices are a huge help in these

    Hope you have a good first day! xx
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