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Thread: spag bol/chilli/carbonara/shepards pie/curry/risotto/turkey dinner

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    spag bol/chilli/carbonara/shepards pie/curry/risotto/turkey dinner

    What are peoples opinions of the spag bol/chilli/carbonara/shepards pie/curry/risotto/turkey dinner.

    I know peoples tastes are different but I'm thinking of buying a pick you own pack whilst they are reduced but I want to know if these are worth considering.

    At the moment I like all the shakes, I like the choc orange bar and the toffee nut and raisin bar. I'm not a huge fan of the soups because of their consistency, I'll eat them but they have to be really watery or find them quite slimy. I tried the apple and cinnamon porridge today and I did not like it, it was too thin and was really really sweet!!

    I don't want to do all shakes but don't want to buy large quantities of the meals if they're horrible.

    Your help is much appreciated, thanks

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    I'm sure it's down to personal tastes but I found most of the meals to be fairly nasty. I was okay with the shepherd's pie and chili for a while but eating one of each a day, I soon got sick of them. I now just do three shakes a day.

    My gf started off enjoying more of the meals than I did but again, she soon got sick of them and now she mostly just has berry bars, shakes and porridge. She also sometimes has the veg soup. Often with the porridge she'll cook it into "cookies" instead so it feels like she's eating biscuits :-)
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    Curry is my favourite - yum!

    One chunk at a time:

    The bigger picture:


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    I've only tried the curry and pasta carbonara.

    The curry was more of a soup it was so thin, and was a bit too spicy for me. Other than that it was a nice 'generic curry' flavor. The carbonara was lovely. If you've ever tried Tuc Cheese Sandwich biscuits it's like the filling in those, very cheesy and nice. Lots of people seem to like it. Hope this helps.

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    I like most of the meals. Actually pasta carbonara, while passable, is my least fav. Shepherds pie is my fav but I know a lot have commented they don't like it. It really is personal choice.
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    I'm not really a fan of the bars or soups and haven't tried all of the "meals" as yet. I don't like mushrooms so made my hubby the risotto (but added in the mushroom soup) and he said it was quite nice.

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