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Thread: how to stop the porridge being lumpy?

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    how to stop the porridge being lumpy?

    Howdy folks! I've been on exante a couple of weeks now, lost about 1/2 a stone already doing working solution (possibly more, I am not weighing myself too frequently though as it can mess with my head).

    I love the porridge and am making it up using zero-carb soya milk light as part of my 400 calorie extra allowance, it is really lumpy though - any idea how to make it less lumpy. I like the porridge just not the lumps. Sometimes the shakes don't seem as substantial, so I want to continue having a porridge for my brekky just need to get the lumps out!

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    Hi Angi

    Well done on your weight loss so far. I find it's never completely smooth but you need to just add a tiny bit of liquid at a time to the centre, mixing into a paste then gradually adding more. This is how I do it & it's not too lumpy if you go really slow


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    Hi, I cook mine in a pan whilst continually stirring. I started doing this as it kept over flowing in the microwave.

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