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Thread: Serial Weigher...

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    Wink Serial Weigher...

    so I know we shouldn't weigh everyday because we fluctuate, but for me, seeing the scales go down everyday is the only thing keeping me 100% motivated!
    i started on saturday and am delighted to have lost 6lbs already!

    hope everyone else is super motivated & i hope i am not the only serial weigher out there

    happy slimming xxx
    1) Lose 1 stone
    2) Lose 2 stone.
    3) Lose 3 stone.

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    Im always here!
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    Goal Date: Christmas 2014

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    I'm a serial weigher too, at least twice a day - as long as you know that your weight will fluctuate and to expect pluses as well as losses then it's not a problem.

    Hope all's going well for you

    All losses since restarting Exante 06/01/14
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    To 13st 13lbs - done
    To 13st 9lbs (move into class 1 obese on my spreadsheet) - done

    To 13st 3lbs (over half way to goal!) - 10/05/14
    To 12st 13lbs - done 15/05/14
    To 12st 12lbs (lowest weight in ?24? years) - done 18/05/14
    To 12st 7lbs (5 stone loss) - done 28/05/14
    To get to 12st 6lbs - done 02/06/14
    Into size 14 Next jeans - done 27/05/14
    To get to 11st 13lbs - done 09/09/14
    To get to 11st 8lbs (no longer obese - overweight) - done 06/10/14
    To get to 11st 7lbs (6 stone loss) - done 07/10/14
    To get to 10st 13lbs
    ​To get to 10st 7lbs (7 stone loss)

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    If you like to weigh every day, there's a little app called 'Happy scale'. It smooths out all the jagged bits, so that all you see is a nice, gentle downward curve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel.P View Post
    If you like to weigh every day, there's a little app called 'Happy scale'. It smooths out all the jagged bits, so that all you see is a nice, gentle downward curve.
    Ooo I'll have to download that. Although I'm going to try my hardest to weigh only on fris and mons

    Need to be strong
    nothin tastes as good as bein thin feels

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