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Thread: Anyone else think Toffee Caramel Shake is Yuk?

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    Anyone else think Toffee Caramel Shake is Yuk?

    I can't believe how bad the toffee caramel shake is when the other shakes I've tried are so nice. Normally, I can stomach just about anything but I struggled to finish this shake without being sick.

    Hope the mint chocolate isn't as bad as this is the only one in my box I've not tried.

    TJ x

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    I have also just tried the toffee caramel shake and thought it was revolting.. My husband likes it hot with coffee in though. I like the mint choc shake better hot too. x
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    Urgh, just had one for lunch, have to say it was downed in one, not nice at all! The mint chocolate is nicer than the caramel for sure

    Julie x
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    Didn't think the toffee was too bad actually. Had the chocolate hot and it was pretty horrid. Will try it cold.

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    Love the toffe caramel try it with just under 300mls and two sweeteners shake leave for a min and it's lovely .

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