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Thread: New start 23/08/14

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    Smile New start 23/08/14


    I've decided to start vlcd today. I've got Exante on order which will be here Tuesday so I've got some Celeb slim shakes from a previous battle that I'm going to start with. Since I decided to order the exante I've put 3lb, I'm being a food Hoover treating every meal like the last supper, so stupid. I've enough celeb slim to last a week, we've got friends coming to stay next weekend and have a table booked at lovely restaurant so my plan is this, do celeb slim until next Saturday evening. The meal is in a Mexican place where the food is put on your table and shared so it will be easy for me to eat a bit of chicken & salad and it not to be noted. Sunday have shake for breakfast then will be going out for lunch, will try to pick something low carb. Not sure where we are going to can't plan ahead yet. Then I'll have a shake in the evening. Monday I will start Exante. We are at a christening (I'm godmother ) at the end of Sept and I want to stand in front of everyone without thinking they are all looking at how fat I've got!

    I'm taking it 7lb at a time so first goal is to lose 7lb. Bring it on!

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    Best of luck lyds!! Planning is good, just stay strong and stick to them... I've weakened once or twice along the way and gone a bit astray... Not very often though so I don't think it's affected me too much... I think most of this dieting malarkey is mental! If I'm in a positive mood it's a walk in the park... God help you if you cross my path with a cookie in your hand if I'm I'm a bad mood though!!

    Keep us updated hun, you get the best support here when you're having a rubbish day :-)
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