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Thread: Feeling Knackered Day After Exercise????

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    Unhappy Feeling Knackered Day After Exercise????

    Would really appreciate some advice please im doing really well on Slimming World, losing weight and seeing results by exercising. Ive built myself up over a couple of months to run 15 mins on treadmill but the day after feeling like i cant be bothered and that my bones ache dont hurt just ache. I dont want to give up exercising because im really enjoying it but how do i get rid of the "knackered" feeling.


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    How many times a week are you exercising?

    When I first started working out after a period of no exercise I ached all over. I found after a while my body had 'got used' to it and I didn't ache quite so much. You might just need some time to adjust.

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    As above, your body will just be getting used to the extra workout. I take my aching body as a sign of a job well done! (Or not enough stretching )

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    What helped me was having a little snack before exercise like a banana or some fruit/oakcakes that I would work into my daily calories so I didn't undo my work so that I felt I had more energy to work out.

    And like the others said, stretching so important...

    Then finally, I realised I had to sleep more, it's not just about the whole tiredness thing but your body repairs itself when you sleep.

    That's my two pennies, hope it helps!

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