I seem to have a fairly big issue. I've been doing various things from following the Exante diet to proper exercise and have lost a reasonable amount of weight in a few months (went from 95kg to 84kg). I've still got a lot of fat to lose by the looks of it.

Now the issue is, I can already feel my ribcage, which is currently at the same level as my belly (37 inches when not sucked in). As it's made of bone, I'm afraid that even when I drop even more body fat, I'll still look fat visually, as my ribcage will be extending the whatever piece of clothing I might be wearing.

Also, when I try properly sucking in my belly, the rib area seems to expand a bit, making the visual appearence look even worse.

Pardon me if I sound like a fool, but I'm working very hard to achieve a proper shape and this worries me, a lot.

I'm male, 6ft tall, in case that helps