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Thread: Any runners out there?!?!

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    Any runners out there?!?!

    Hi I got into running about a year ago,started off just the odd mile here or there as did a few exercise classes.Its become a bit of an addiction now and I love it!
    I've complated a 10k forest run and 10k race for life so far with my best time of 53mins!

    In October in taking on the challenge of the Bupa Birmingham half marathon,4 weeks on Sunday in fact till the event!
    I'm doing this run more for challenge of distance and experience rather than time.
    So far in my training im up to 12 miles I up it by approx 1/2-1 mile each week!
    My 12 mile was last night!

    Today I'm exhausted and very achy!!

    Need some fellow runners out there to keep me motivated and also for me to help motivate you.Couldnt see a running threat so thought I'd start one and hopefully get some of you lovely runners on here!!


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    hey I've just taken up running, do you find it speeds up your losses? I'm wanting to lose a stone but tone up too. I go to the gym 4 times a week but stuck in a bit of a rut ive just signed up for the manchester 10k next year as motivation x

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    Wow well done and good luck for the half marathon! I am sure you will do it with no problems if your ready running 12 miles! I have just started couch to 5k and I really seem to enjoy it which surprises me. My brother did the great north run 2 weeks ago and it inspired me to get off my butt. Also reading run fat birch run by Ruth field it's pretty good.

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    Wow I can't even imagine being able to run a 5k let alone a half marathon! You must feel so pros of yourself when you think back to when you first started.

    I'm thinking about going running tonight but I'm hopeless at it and always bottle it after a few runs when I've tried couch25k.

    Good luck with your training!

    Mrs D

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    Hi all thanks for the replies!!
    I used to look at people running on the pavements and think 'how crazy!who would find that enjoyable?' Yet its crazy how addictive it becomes and realeases stress!!if I'm having a bad day and nice little run sorts me straight out!!

    I don't find it speed up my losses but mainly coz I've been eating crap!? exercise is fab but my food habits aren't,I'm trying to change that now tho and introduced more healthier meals in so I'm hoping the pounds will soon fall off!

    Good luck on c25k u will do it then before u kno it you will be going further and further!!


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    hello ^_^

    been running 2 years now and the only way I haven't got bored is by keep entering new races, trying new terrains (fell running is great fun!)
    raising money for heartbeat, check out my link

    preston guild 1/2 - 28/10/12

    preston 10 mile - 18/11/12
    great north west 1/2 - 24/2/13
    blackpool 1/2 - 7/4/13
    morecambe 1/2 - 12/5/13
    windmill 1/2 - 14/7/13
    fleetwood 1/2 - 25/8/13
    blackpool 1/2 - 1/9/13
    Lancaster 1/2 - 3/11/13
    Lancaster marathon - 1/12/13
    central lancs 1/2 - 5/1/14
    blackpool 1/2 - 23/2/14
    Bolton hill marathon double - 8-9/3/14
    trimpell 20- 16/3/14
    blackpool marathon - 6/4/14
    Belfast marathon - 5/5/14
    Liverpool marathon - 25/5/14
    wakefield 1/2 - 29/6/14
    southport 1/2 - 6/7/14
    windmill 1/2 - 13/7/14
    fleetwood 1/2 - 24/8/14
    blackpool 1/2 - 31/8/14
    chester marathon- 5/10/14
    York marathon- 12/10/14
    Dublin marathon - 27/10/14
    Bolton marathon - 12/11/14
    botlon marathon - 15/11/14
    liverbird marathon - 31/12/14
    Liverpool marathon 1/1/15
    central lancs 1/2 - 4/1/15
    blackpool 1/2 - 22/2/15
    Manchester marathon - 19/4/15
    blackpool marathon - 26/4/15
    Bolton marathon - 6/6/15
    Liverpool marathon - 14/6/15

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