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Thread: Where can i get a cheap treadmill?

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    Where can i get a cheap treadmill?

    Really really want one! Looked on ebay but they're all pretty pricey.. Ideas anyone?

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    If you want it enough you won't keep finding excuses to not do it.

    What fits your schedule better -- Exercising 1 hour a day or being f** 24 hours a day?”

    "I don’t think there’s any excuse for women not to stay in shape. We just need to stop gorging, put on our trainers, and use some self-control. No one else is going to do it for us." Linda Barker

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    Hard work and dedication pays off.No time for excuses if you really want to loss the weight.
    I can now enjoy special occasions without having to worry about what the scales will say after.
    Loving life,Loving my body.

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    ive just got myself an exercise bike and power rider from freecycle for FREE!! there tends to be alot of exercise equipment on there that people just dont have the room for or dont use. i can see you live in essex, so nearest i could find is london, but you may find more appropriate one.... so see this.... The Freecycle Network - Posts on the City of London Group
    basically its a place for getting and getting rid of items that are too good to go to the tip. ive had LOADS of stuff from there, including one of my cats
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    The year is going to happen anyway - you may as well make the most of it. Next years 'this time last year' is going to the best one yet!!

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    Amazon have deals on fitness equipment from time to time.

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    British Heart Foundation charity shops have them from time to time I've seen. If you've got one of their big stores that sell large items and furniture then it might be worth a look. I know there's one in the Plymouth shop at the moment, but that's unlikely to help you XD

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