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Thread: Jogging - but no results!!!

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    Jogging - but no results!!!

    Hi everyone

    Just wondered if anybody who has lost weight through jogging can help me? How long/far should i be jogging and how often?


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    Regained. :(

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    Jogging was always RawrGirl's cardio of choice, but she didn't lose very much...even when doing 3 miles 5x a week while on WW. Finally after frustrating the h*ll out of herself, she quit WW, gave up cardio, cut her calories and carbs and just focused on strength training with heavyish weights...and after 14 years of yo-yoing and never making it to goal, she is only a few pounds away.

    Once at goal, jogging will probably help you maintain and allow you to eat more without gaining than someone who didn't run/perform high-intensity cardio, but doesn't seem to work for everyone for actual weight loss.

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    I love running, been doing it for years - but I'm the first to admit its never helped my weight. In fact it revs up my appetite. Weight loss happens in the kitchen ( though weights and HIIT are good) and is, cliche warning, what makes one look good in their clothes. Exercise makes one look good naked!
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