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Thread: Saggy Skin.

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    Saggy Skin.

    Probably makes me sound super shallow but I have 60 plus pounds to lose and I am worried about saggy skin! I am 27 and a size 16/18 and currently deliberating between Slim Fast and Exante. I want the weight off fast but at the same time I have never been a healthy weight as an adult and I just want to be able to get dressed in what I like not what covers up the most fat. I dress to be invisible at the moment!

    Is there a way to minimise the amount of loose skin you end up with? I was thinking of doing exercises with weights - would love to look fit and be strong like Jillian Michaels. I don't want to go from fat fat to skinny fat.

    Maybe I shouldn't even be worrying about it as being healthy is the most important thing but I want to look nice for once! x

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