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Thread: 600 calorie meal ideas

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    600 calorie meal ideas

    What healthy meals do you love to eat? I'm doing slimfast which includes a 600 calorie evening meal and I'm getting fed up of eating the same things all the time. I love Mexican food like fajitas, enchiladas and quesadillas, etc. so I've been making them for my family with extra veg and I've just been having the filling with maybe one wrap and a salad.
    Tonight I made a rogan josh curry (weightwatchers jar of sauce I found in poundland lol) and it was pretty good and low calorie too. I struggle with portion control so home cooking is something I've always avoided whilst dieting but I realise this time I have to start as I mean to go on and learn to be eat smaller portions in the long term.
    Any yummy ideas?

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    Hi ya. I've found most weight watchers sauces to be quite good. You could technically have a Mexican wrap if you were to substitute your chicken or mince for quorn. Its not perfect but it has been allowing me to enjoy foods that might be too high in fat otherwise. The calories are low too. Weight watchers do chilli sauces, bolognaise sauce (both could be made with just chopped toms, tom puree and whichever herbs/spices you fancy adding and sweet and sour sauce which are low fat and low cal like the rogan josh sauce. For curries I make it with quorn chicken style pieces, a bit of plain boiled rice, salad and a weigh watchers naan bread. Mexican wraps could be either chicken style or my favourite being quorn mince with chilli sauce in a weight watchers wrap with side salad. I'm not following the weight watchers diet or anything like that. I need to keep the fat content of my food low and have just discovered that these products seem to do it for me. Weight watchers pepperoni pizza is good too if you want to join the family eating pizza. Technically you could eat the whole pizza yourself as its 500 and something calories but I like to share it with my other half and make homemade potato wedges (cut into wedges and microwave first them stick in the oven with the pizza) and some salad with low fat dressing on it. In my head if I can make my food look something like what I used to eat then I tend to crave the naughty fatty high cal stuff less. In regards to portion control I bought myself a smaller size plate. Means I naturally eat less as I can't fit my usual amount on to it. Not sure if any of this will be of any use to you but this is what I've found helpful to help me keep losing the weight. Good luck :-)

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