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    Exercise Routine

    Hi all,

    I need to a sense check!

    I'm lying in bed this morning and trying to convince myself that i'm not a morning person and so I should leave the gym until later in the day. I do generally prefer exercising later in the day but sometimes this means that other things get in the way and I end up not going at all.

    I really want to just go first thing as at least I'll go. But it does feel like a chore. Going in the afternoon/evening is relaxing and a good stress reliever.

    Am I just making excuses for being lazy in the morning or does anyone else think it's important to go when you're going to enjoy it most?

    Starting 180lbs

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    Im not a morning person either but i dont go to a gym is there anything you can do at home instead. like an exercise dvd. its easier to do it at night when everything is done the only time i do excercise is in the night and sometimes i work the night shift and cant so i just go for an half an hour walk or something instead

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    I think as much as you can build the gym or any exercise into your regular daily the activities the easier it is to stick to it.

    For me that means I now cycle to the station each morning and evening. I have to do the journey and doing it on the bike means I don't have to then find time for the gym.

    If that's not an option then I am definitely of the opinion that getting up and getting it out of the way is the best thing. I'm doing a 5K race for life in May so running at weekends and as much as I might hate it and feel unmotivated if I don't do it first thing it never happens.

    The positive of doing it first thing I then find I'm much more motivated and active for the rest of the day.

    Whatever you decide I think it's just about making it routine and a priority. Nothing is more important than my exercise these days.

    Good luck :-)

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    You need to go when you want to go not when u think you should go as you wont put as much effort in and then end up doing less than you know you can do..

    I was like that the other day i wasnt too sure if i wanted to go but went and where normally im there a good 2 hours i had enough and was done in just over a hour..

    But if you dont go in the morning then make time in the afternoon if people want to see you or you see them get them to go to the gym with you.. I normally enjoying going to the gym between 3-6 then im all chilled out and cba after that

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    normally go to the gym when I can slope off at lunchtime or in the evening.. the only day I do early is tuesday because it's the only time I can do it that day wouldn't say am not a morning person I get up early everyday to muck out my horse Sybil

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