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Thread: Diet shakes vs milk and vitamin pills

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    Diet shakes vs milk and vitamin pills

    Can anyone tell me what benefit is there to buying a factory-made slimming shake (which are expensive) which is fill of artificial sweeteners and chemicals, rather than drinking a half pint of skimmed milk and taking vitamin pills (which would only cost pennies per serving and contain no nasty additives)?

    Thank you.

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    I don't know what the answer is but that's a blinking good question! Let's see if you get any other replies...

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    I would say, marketing mainly

    When I go weight training we have a protein and carb drink after to replenish the glycogen we have used from muscles (I wont mention any brand names but they all contain pretty much the same thing)

    Many people have said that chocolate milk does pretty much the same thing (not milkshake)

    Different to the product you are talking about, but the same principle.. especially when you do look at the ingredient labels

    Real food's usually best though, with drinks to replace meals so many people end up putting weight back on as they dont track the calories properly once they go back to real food

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