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Thread: Tasty ice tea to speed up metabolism

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    Tasty ice tea to speed up metabolism

    While reading lots of stuff in the internet about dieting, healthy food etc. i created my own recipe of ice tea to improve your metabolism's speed! So all of the articles say that cinnamon and ginger are one of the best products to speed up metabolism and as a result start to lose weight in a natural way! The faster metabolism rate you have, the faster your body burn calories without any help.
    So here is my tasty recipe;-):
    1. Grate ginger root into a jug. (how much depends on your tastes, I put few table spoons)
    2. Add slices of lemon/lime
    3. Add mint (i put lots of;-)
    4. Add cinnamon
    5. Poor hot boiled water into a jug.
    6. Leave it to cool down.
    7. Add ice or drink it hot, whatever you wish;-)
    Wish all of you guys to be healthy and happy;-)

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    Sounds lovely, thanks x
    My mini goals
    Lose 10% of my body weight - done
    Reach the 13's (6lbs to go)
    Get my BMI under 30 (obese to overweight)
    Get my 4 stone award
    Reach the 12's

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    Sounds fresh
    Week 1 - 7lbs
    Week 2 - 1lb.
    8lbs total

    24lbs Xmas challenge

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    I am glad you liked it;-)) Was very glad to be helpful!;-)

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