Soup is a wonderful thing for dieters. I am currently enjoying many soups and they are helping me to keep to my calorie allowance.

You can make your own veggie soup with a couple of tins of tomatoes and any fresh or frozen veg you have in the house. It only takes a few minutes. You can throw in some rice, spaghetti broken into 2 inch pieces, or cubed cooked potato. You can make a slice of toast and cut it up into croutons.

Or if you cannot be bothered to make your own then buy a load of cup a soups or Knorr simmer soups. To these you can add some cubes of chicken breast, or dunk in a slice or two of toast. I sometimes add a tablespoon of sweetcorn. You can also add a bit of milk to a clear soup like chicken noodle and that gives the visual impression that it's a thick soup.

So filling, so warming, so easy, quick and convenient!

You can take a packet of cup a soup anywhere with you if there is going to be a kettle there. Like if you are staying in a hotel, or at work etc. There are loads of different brands and flavours.

If you go to visit friends you could always take either your home made (with extra portions for the friends!) or, again, a cup a soup. That way you can avoid temptation when they try to give you a pizza! It also solves the problem for them of what to give you when they know you are on a diet.

I keep a few cup soups in my bedroom (I have a travel kettle there) in case I go to bed super early, lay in super late, or wake up hungry and just need a little something to see me through till breakfast.

No need to choose the slimming variety, as the non-diet types are only about 100 calories per packet.

Anyone else found soup a great benefit when on a diet?