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Thread: Newb saying hello...would like any help

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    Newb saying hello...would like any help

    So as it says in the title I just started here because I am trying to my luck again at dieting and exercise. I have had a few set backs due to my extreme sense of taste, which limits the food I eat because there are very few things I can keep down. Also, had a cyst which had to be removed and the surgery used to removed it caused back problems which stopped me from continuing the diet and exercise regiment I had set for myself before hand. Before my regiment was pretty straight forward, but probably not the best but I lost weight fast, I would say I did it for 2 months and lost 62 lbs, which isn't that much I think because bigger people lost weight faster; and cutting all fried foods and coke completely off helps and straight into 5 miles a day of jogging. But I figured I would share this as just a way to vent. I was just hoping to get some suggestions from anyone that is willing to share, so I will post what I am trying to do and please everything is welcome.

    I am over 25, weigh somewhere around 390 (big guy), and 6'2.
    What I plan on doing is, in the morning:
    • 3 scrambled eggs
    • 2 pieces of bacon
    • something along the lines of either grapes, apples, zucchini, or maybe celery (haven't had it in awhile so need to try some to make sure I can).

    Try to keep a snack at the office, because most of what I found says that 4-5 small meals a day helps more than 3 big meals:
    • apples
    • grapes
    • or celery

    Lunch will be pretty hard as there isn't many meats I eat:
    • Sliced turkey sandwiches (this is probably the most I can do)
    • again mixed fruits or vegetables
    • Or I could try salad but I haven't had it in a long while so needs to do some tasting

    Another snack:
    • apples
    • grapes
    • or celery

    Dinner is also difficult and before I normally just kept this to whatever I wanted, but much small servings and also incorporated, yes again, apples or grapes. I also have some supplements to help with the main vitamins I won't be getting.

    For exercise this time though I will not be jogging as for me it feels like it does more harm than good, and as I said before the lower back surgery I had to have the cyst removed has made it so I have trouble standing for long periods of time, especially if it involves strenuous activity like jogging. I now have a recumbent bike, and I can tell you I wish I had done this sooner it is much better on my knees and especially on my back. Instead of weights I plan on using resistance bands, there are also much easier to carry anywhere and can work extremely well as I used to use them for tennis and soccer.
    As I said before, anything is welcome, critiques, tips, changes.....anything. And sorry if this isn't the right place it was hard to choose from.

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    Hi and welcome. I think your plan looks good and sensible. You could also add mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans to your breakfast if you can stomach any of them.

    The stuff you are eating looks like it would fit well with slimming world which might be worth a look.

    Recumbent bike is a great idea. What about doing some swimming?

    Good luck x

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    Hello! Am also a newbie I spend a lot of the day visiting patients so am on the road quite a bit. I've got a little bag filled with fruit to stop the cravings between visits and so I can give tge supermarket stopover a swerve!

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