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Thread: Basic GI cook book

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    Basic GI cook book


    I'm looking for a basic GI cookbook,

    the kind of book that has normal recepies not one with fancy vegetables i cant get in the local supermarket or have to google to try and figure out what they look like

    I'm on Lipotrim at the minute but i had started trying the GI diet but couldn't get rid of old habits after the time on lipotrim i will have shaken a few off and be better focused

    Will be refeeding with lipotrim next week so i wanna get a book sorted soon as i can

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    I would love to see some answers to this as well. Im on a vlcd (the dietshack) too and wanting to switch over to GI for life now. I cant stay on the vlcd for as long as I need to be in order to lose all my weight as I dont think it will be healthy...i lose quite slowly on it.

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    Hi I don't normally come on here so I hope you've got sorted but I've got two Anthony Worral Thompson GI and GL cookbooks. They're great.

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    Maintaing LT loss on GL

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    Check out the recipe thread in the stickies section of this forum. There's lots of ideas there. South beach recipes are GL friendly.
    Don't stress about particular cookbooks. I've got Holford's book and it has some good recipes. Overall, Just use less of the white carbs such as potato, pasta, rice and wheat. Have more leafy green veg and salad. Try beans and pulses instead of potato and rice.
    Good luck

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    Had a 9lb gain again over the Xmas hols and lost this by March 2012.

    June 2012 Weight is 180. This is upper end of my 170-180 range so need to cut back a little. I've been in or around this weight for a few months now. It seems to be my body's natural balance.

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