Hello. Not sure how active it is here, but I'll post anyway to say hi to those that are here and possible lurkers

Not to waffle on too much, but I've been inspired to try THD by a friend who's done amazingly well on it so far. She loves it.
I was having steady but slow progress with 5:2 to lose weight after my 2nd baby, but after a bout of gastroenteritis threw me off track I haven't been able to get back into it. I liked it but just can't get going again.

Before kids, I had success with slimming world, and years before that WW and even earlier, Atkins. Seems I am a serial dieter lol!!!

This time I've two stone to lose and a lot of belly fat!

Wish me luck...and willpower. I'm hoping THD will sort my lack of it. I give in to sugar and carbs so, so easily. What Zoe says about it all makes a lot of sense. Hope it sticks for me.

Wod be interested to hear other stories!