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Thread: I am making the swap from White rice to brown rice. What healthy sauces can I use?

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    I am making the swap from White rice to brown rice. What healthy sauces can I use?

    I so far have been using tomato stew as a side for eating white rice but it has a very high oil content. Can anyone recommend me any sauce to make my brown rice more tasty? It has to be healthy with very low fat or sugar content. I was thinking grilled chicken breats but those get expensive especially if you're going to be eating 3 a day.

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    I put some bouillon powder in mine when its boiling .... Nice flavour...

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    i get my chicken breast from aldi from the frozen part believe me im fussy with chicken breast and chicken pieces but these are lovely chicken pieces 1.98 and a bag of chicken breasts 3.78 well worth the money also i use frozen mushrooms onions and peppers a 1.00 a bag from tesco or asda and now they do not get thrown away if not used in a week and healthy

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    I simply boil my rice in chicken stock then add in some veggies makes a nice side dish.

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    Try mixing quark with an egg and boiling water to make a healthy cheese sauce.
    Or I sometimes blend a tin of beans with a tin of plum tomatoes, basil, veg stock, garlic powder and onion powder. It makes a nice easy soup and can be used as a pasta (or rice) sauce too.
    I'm not big on cooking as i don't have the time, so my suggestions are quick to make. I know they sound weird but when I've served it before, people have just assumed it out of a jar! (shhh)

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