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    oh i think i did not spell it right its called xylitol, not sure how to alter the thread title

    I got myself a bag of this sweetener, you use it in place of sugar , it looks like sugar and tastes like sugar, and its supposed to be natural , but BEWARE

    I made a cake using this and ,MY OH MY it went straight through me , i had 2 pieces of sponge cake and was on the loo early hours of the morning .

    and it seems i am not the only one because i went online and found out many people had the same trouble with it .

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    taking it a day at a time :)
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    lol lol sorry im laughing i will keep away from that x

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    Well chewing gum has xylitol in it and it has warnings on it that it can have laxative effects if over consumed!

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