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Thread: Easyjet Seats...

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    Easyjet Seats...

    I've not been on this site for a while, tried searching but didn't come up with anything that was in the past year... I'm wondering if you ladies or gents could help me - has anyone flown easyjet quite recently, and if yes, what size were you?

    my partner has booked me a surprise weekend trip with easyjet, however, bless him, he has no idea that I'd love to avoid planes like the pest as I've gained a fair bit of weight due to pregnancy (and having been large before...). I am now a size 26/28 (I assume, I don't even know, I wear stretchy stuff), and I am absolutely paranoid that I won't fit in the seat. I am aware of the seatbelt extenders, but I am just so very paranoid, it kills my excitement for the trip totally I just don't want to be that "Fat person daring to go on a flight making the life of a skinny person miserable". Mind, the flight itself only is an hour...

    I have reserved seats by the windows as I've read that they are a tiny bit spacier than the regular ones...

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    Hi! I worried about the same thing last time I was going on a plane. I am a size 22/24 and had no problems at all on easy jet flight :-)

    Try and not let the worry take the excitement out of your holiday! Hope you have a nice time :-)

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    the seats are actually not smaller (in width) than most other economy seats. The width is 17.5 inches. I fit in one and am a size 30, although I do take some space from the person next to me above the arm rest (hope this makes sense - am bumping arms rather than bumping legs). If you are travelling with your husband this should be fine as I am sure he might mind some arm bumping! Also you can lift you arm rests up if it is not take off or landing to make it more comfortable.

    You wont be allowed to buy extra leg room though if it is an emergency exit - anyone who uses a seat belt extension is 'banned' from these seats

    In case it is stressing you out, you can buy an extra seat - you just need to inform them that there are 2 people travelling but 3 seats bought. I just mention it, in case this will make you feel happier, but I think you will fit (although you may not be hugely comfortable - but this goes for everyone on an Easy jet flight)
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    I've been and I am very wide upper body and have massive legs, it was a bit of a squeeze and the seatbelt was mega snug! If it's only for a few hours I can deal with it, if it'd have been any longer I would have probably folded in on myself.

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