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Thread: Trip to London

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    Trip to London

    I`m finally ready to venture to london with my 4 kids age 15 down to 5.
    Just wondering if people can help with the MUST SEE`s.
    I know of tussards,national history museum, am busy googling, but people with past experiences would be better.
    Many Thanks in advance....xx

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    We found Tussauds to be very expensive - try and get vouchers for this if you can!
    London Dungeon was fun (I've 2 boys, and they enjoyed it). Tower of London was also a laugh.
    There is of course the Ripper Tour, but might be more suitable for the adults (we did it last month, and it was really really good - take comfy shoes).
    London Eye is a must.

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    I would thoroughly recommend going to see a west end show of some description - wicked is lots of fun, lord of the rings the musical sounds awful but is actually incredible, and a play called the 39 steps is something i recently saw, and i'm not a fan of plays at all but i thought it was hilarious, i was 19 when i saw them all and my brother was 17 and he loved them too. or i hear lion king is brilliant for kids but i haven't seen it.

    i would also TOTALLY recommend going on a london duck tour, it's a tour bus that goes round the roads and then into the thames and doubles up as a boat, that's really fun

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    If you are going to try and take in a show I strongly recommend going to Leicester Square and looking at getting the tickets from the half price ticket booths there. You can get some fantastic deals, especially as there are so many of you going - most tickets (if available) can be purchased at half price!

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    A nice picnic in one of the parks such as Green Park or Hyde Park would make a nice lunch break and not cost the earth either.

    Make sure you take them to Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and then through Horse Guards Parade and up the Mall to Buckingham Palace. My kids 7&8, loved it. Everytime they see it on the TV they rave on about it.

    Best way to get around is also to walk. I think you miss so much when you go by tube!

    Where are you staying?

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    Hi I have kids similiar ages and we went to London over this weekend, infact we go regularly..

    The Natural History museum is a MUST for us as they have animated dinosaurs there, plus it's free! Just visited the newly opened Aquarium, very impressive, thats on the South Bank. It would be about 50 quid but we had some Tesco vouchers, so look out for those. We don't do Tussauds as my children arn't really into celebrities and it wouldn't hold their interest. My youngest is also very sensitive so we can't do the Dungens or the Tower. We have also been to the Science museum where there is something called Launch Pad which is a hands on investigation station, also some free shows in there, well worth a visit and with Natural History and Science very close you can do both in a day and both FREE. As someone already said take comfy shoes, clothes and plenty of water, as London is very draining! BUT FUN!

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