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    hiya everyone found this website and saw it offers support so i thought id give it a go. ive had an eating disorder for nearly ten years tried every single diet there weight goes up and down im the biggest ive ever been and feel.distraught. ive decided to do slimming world but due to my insecurites i dont want to go to meetings ive been doing it for 2 weeks and only lost 0.5 a pound it.just feels like a kick and teeth really struggling to stay positive when ive cut out booze chocolate crisps stuck to the diet to only lose this HELP

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    Hey there,
    Not sure whast eating disorder you have so this is a stab in the dark ....
    Are you eating enough ? Breakfast to start your metabolism , lunch and dinner ?
    Are you having enough syns? At least 5 a day as your body needs some bad fat to aid with fat burning and weight loss
    Are you drinking enough water

    Hope this helps x

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