Hi everyone! On my second week of SS and to be honest not as difficult as I thought apart from the weekends which are hellish!!! 5ft 4 and let me weight climb to 12stone 1. The content of this mostly being Rioja and fine dining!!!! My whole life revolves around eating out in lovely restaurants as I adore food and looking through fabulous new menus!!! I'm lucky in that I don't eat too much rubbish - I hate ready made meals; not a huge sweet lover and don't really like fizzy drinks. However last couple of years haven't exercised at all and constant restaurant bookings and wine being delivered to the table has ended up in a fat girl!!! I find that shakes and soups filling but if I don't fancy one I have a small amount if prawns instead and I know this will keep me in ketosis. Have a few things coming up which I will have to break the diet for as are too important to sit with a shake! Lol. 6lbs down in week one and 29 to go. I guess what this has thought me already is that I don't need to eat all the bread and olives prior to a meal and I don't need to always have a fabulous starter and a main (don't have desserts really). I will never stop dining out but will now think about the amount I eat more. I do eat healthy but my portions are too large and I drink far far too much champagne and wine. How's everyone else doing?! X