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Thread: Greetings from me! :)

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    Smile Greetings from me! :)

    Hello Minimins! I'm Kelpieboy, and well I'm new...obviously. hehe

    So, I'm a male and I'm 17 years old. I have to admit my weight doesn't bother me much, I'm very active and I'm not unable to do mostly anything. But I hate the way I look, I am considered overweight and a saggy body just isn't nice at all especially with who and what I am.

    I'm a dancer and I'm currently in a variety of dance training with college, we train in Ballet, Jazz and contemporary dance along with extra subjects such as Musical theatre and singing. So as you can see, I wasn't lying about being active! I do around 6-8 hours a week of dance (which is nothing really) but that's really the only exercise I do.

    After college I have a dream of studying purely in Ballet and contemporary dance with a specialist ballet school, and I found the perfect one. But as with all Ballet based schools they screen you for a place there, meaning they look not just at how good you are or how healthy...but also how fat, or even thin you are. I feel like my body and weight is holding me back from my dreams and I want this to change.

    My problem is eating, I, being a student, go for the cheapest and easiest meals.So most of the time these meals are unhealthy.

    I found this website and I think it will help to have somewhere to go to ask advice and write what's going on so hello! and I'm pleased to be here.

    I will update my information to include my weight and goals etc tomorrow as it's rather late now! But until then I just wanted to do a quick intro

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    Hello and welcome. Please let us know once you've decided what approach you want to take for your weight loss and we are also here to help and answer questions should you want any advice.

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    good luck

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    Good luck xxx

    Goal1: Complete day one
    week1: week2: week3: week4:

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