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Thread: In the zone!

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    4th November, 2013
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    Height: 1.71m
    Start Date: 07.10.2013
    Start Weight: 118kg
    Current Weight: 90.8kg
    Goal Weight: 75kg
    Goal Date: 16.08.2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 40.3
    Current BMI: 31.1
    Goal BMI: 25.6

    Total Weight Loss: 27.2kg
    Weight to Lose: 15.8kg
    % Lost 23.03%

    In the zone!

    Hi everyone

    I'm new here but have been commenting on a few diaries!

    I'm a serial dieter and I've lost weight several times before but its always crept back on over time!

    I'm in the zone now once again (I think dieting is a very mental based thing and you need to be 'in the right place' for it to wok for you. My determination is high at the moment.

    I'm calorie counting with the aid of MFP, calorie counting has always worked for me in the past and seems to be working this time too - currently over 2 stone loss in 9 weeks

    I think it might be quite cathartic to write a diary so I may start one of those to record my thoughts and feeling over the journey!

    Anyway, hello and I look forward to the journey ahead with you all xx
    Lose 1 stone Done October 2013
    Lose 2 stones Done November 2013
    Lose 10% Done December 2013
    Lose 15% Done January 2014
    Be under 100kg
    Done January 2014
    Lose 3 stones Done January 2014
    Get in the 14's Done March 2014
    Lose 20% Done March 2014
    Lose 4 stones Done April 2014

    Mini Goals...

    Get in the 13's
    BMI under 30 to be "just" overweight not obese
    Lose 5 stones
    Lose 6 stones

    Diet started 7th October 2013...
    Total loss to date:- 4 stone 3.5lb

    I now have a diary

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    Height: 5ft6.9in
    Start Weight: 13st1lb
    Current Weight: 10st11.2lb
    Goal Weight: 9st6.3lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 28.7
    Current BMI: 23.7
    Goal BMI: 20.8

    Total Weight Loss: 2st3.8lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st4.9lb
    % Lost 17.38%
    hello and welcome on board!

    2st in 9 weeks...amazing! good job!

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    Hi Hun! Let's stay in the zone xx

    Goal1: Complete day one
    week1: week2: week3: week4:

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