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    Just started diet 2 weeks ago lost 7 lbs 1st week then only 2lbs this week very disappointed so had a bad day today. I am on 4 packs should I go down to 3 and no bars?.

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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 17th Oct 2013
    Start Weight: 11st12lb
    Current Weight: 10st8lb
    Goal Weight: 9st5lb
    Goal Date: ASAP

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 28.5
    Current BMI: 25.4
    Goal BMI: 22.5

    Total Weight Loss: 1st4lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st3lb
    % Lost 10.84%
    Which plan is this you are on? And assuming it's a VLCD then I wouldn't recommend dropping down to 3 if the plan recommends 4 as you'd be loosing out on your nutrients and could start sending your body into starvation mode and causing damage to your muscles and organs.
    Most diets have a bigger loss in the first week then an average if 2/3 pounds there on as the first week you loose water, fecal matter and glycogen which weighs quite a bit, but then once your body starts burning fat the losses are slower but more beneficial. Interesting fact for you: the average person hold approx 10lbs of bodily waste in their system at any one time. So, hence when you start eating less then you drop a larger amount of weight in the first week as your system empties and the food you are eating isn't as much to replace it.
    Stick with it as some weeks you'll have a bigger loss and others will be about 2/3 pounds.

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    good luck

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    Good luck xx

    Goal1: Complete day one
    week1: week2: week3: week4:

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