Hello there

I'm new to this forum, and like most people on here - I'm guessing, I'm planning on slimming come new year.

I'm 36 and weigh 10st 12lb at my last check - though I could have hit the 11st barrier already! I've never been a fat person, but gained more than I was happy with when I fell in love (all together now ahh!) I got down to 9st 4lb on my wedding day 5.5 years ago and then had my first child just over 4 years ago and almost immediately had child #2. So I have been struggling on and off with my weight since he was born in March 2011.

I know I don't have a lot to lose, but would be really happy to drop a dress size. Currently at top end of 12, bordering 14 and would like to be at the low end of 12. If I got back to the size 10 I wore pre-kids I would be very happy! So, my current goal weight is 10st.

My question is what the best plan to follow is. I work 5 days a week, where I drive to work and park in a car park (out of town). The office has a canteen which works out cheaper to eat there than to buy at a supermarket. They do have a salad bar, so it's possible to get fresh food, but the salad often has sauce on it, so its difficult to tell what the calories / points value would be of such foods. I'm also vegetarian (but eat dairy) so that limits my options too.

DH is at home and makes a family dinner for all 4 of us, he would be willing to accommodate me.

Does anyone have any recommendations of a slimming plan that would work under my circumstances?

Thanks in advance - and lovely to meet everyone!