At 51 years old I've tried every diet under the sun but at 13 stone weighing more than ever I now feel motivated. Saw an advert for Lipotrim and like the fact that I can go to the chemist opposite where I work to get weighed and have my blood pressure done. I've done similar programmes like W8 and Lighter Life and lost 2 stone on both but I gradually gain it again but probably because I go back to my old eating habits and don't do a re-feed or maintenance programme.
Anyway with high blood pressure, constant headaches, IBS the worst it has ever been, joints aching and tired all the time - what do I have to lose.
Day 1 - not hungry at all but very thirsty, Stinking headache.
Day 2 - headache gone - not hungry - for first time ever woke up and stomach isn't rumbling for food
Can't wait to be weighed on Friday.