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Thread: A simple 'eating well' thread

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    Height: 5ft7in
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    Goal Weight: 11st6lb
    Goal Date: 31/12/2014

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    Start BMI: 35.8
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    A simple 'eating well' thread

    I'm just concentrating on eating healthily rather than following a commercial diet. As much as I wish people well with following commercial diets and all the rules, points, syns, etc, I would rather see a forum topic on here just for a general healthy eating. I can't seem to find hem on here though. Could anybody point me in the right direction please? thanks
    3/1/2014: 228.4 lbs starting weight

    Week 1: 227lbs -1.4lbs (Total -1.4lbs)
    Week 2: 226.4lbs -0.6lbs (Total -2.0lbs)
    Week 3: 224.8lbs -1.6lbs (Total -3.6lbs)
    Week 4: 225lbs +0.2lbs (Total -3.4lbs)
    Month 1: 23cm (9 inches) off in total from chest, waist, hips and thighs.
    Week 5: 224lbs -1.0lb (Total -4.4lbs)

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