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Thread: New here! ♡

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    New here! ♡

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Izzy, I'm 22, female and from Kent, UK.
    I currently weigh about 13 stone (and am a size 14-16)... a weight I have weighed before, but managed to lose before to 10 stone 6. I am 5 foot 6, so I obviously managed to get down to a decent weight for my height.

    6-7 months ago I got the contraceptive implant, which didn't help my weight at all for some strange reason, and I put a stone on pretty quickly, so I kind of feel like I am back to square one I've recently switched back to the pill, so obviously hormonal weight gain may not be as much of a problem now (hopefully!)

    I'm unsure of what diet to start currently, and I am starting fast paced walking and zumba to start me off in terms of exercise. I suffer from depression/anxiety/mood swings too, so hopefully incoporating a new lifestyle into my life will help with my problems again

    I'm sure ill be getting to know some of you Thanks for reading this brief intro! See ya round!

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    Hey izzy, welcome to the site. Good luck with whatever you choose.
    I'm currently doing slimming world and I find it really works for me, I have quite a few more stones to lose than you but I'm sure it. Could be as effective for you too.
    Eyes on the prize!

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    The pill affects my weight loss too, but I have found that slimming world rely works for me as can still eat a lot and lose weight!

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    Hiya Izzy.

    I'm 24 and currently 13stone1 and trying to fight to lose a good 3-4 stone so I'm healthy for my height.

    I personally didn't benefit from Zumba.. I used to go every week and do the full hour session of it with no breaks which I did for about 7 months... and I think partly what didn't help is the teacher was a good 5 stone over weight.. and she did the classes 5 days a week in different areas of where I am and she never seemed to get any slimmer which puzzled me. In the end I gave up with it completely because it definitely wasn't benefiting me and it put me off seeing that she did it so many days a week and it didn't seem to benefit her either. Would love to hear how often you're thinking of going and if in the long run you feel it does benefit you at all. xx

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    Hi Izzy
    I also suffer from depression and find SW wonderful. I don't know if its the positive results making me more positive or whether the amazing balance and increased vitamins etc make me feel better but when I'm on plan I feel happier and healthier in myself without even considering the amazing exterior advantages.
    I am trying Insanity which I can recommend but used to do gym classes as I need the motivation from someone else to work hard (lazy gene at work) As long as your working up a sweat I don't think it matters what your doing
    Good luck

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