I'm a complete newbie here but have been watching my weight for quite some time now. I've tried WW and SW and although they
worked well for me at the time it isn't practical for my new lifestyle abroad. I'm really seeking support here as I am doing this alone

As of now I just calorie count, I've done a bit of research and apparently I can use 1775 calories a day(having already
deducted 500kcal) and should loose 2lbs a week. So my main query is if my calorie intake is too high or too low!?

My height is 5ft7in, weight 180lbs(12st9lbs) and dress size 12, waist 30 inches. I work out 3 times a week for
40-50 min(running/aerobic). Usually I have 400-500 calories left over every day making it 1000 calories under
what I'd beable to have to maintain my weight.... I'm trying not to get overly obsessed with the calories as everyone
is built differently and I am gaining a lot of muscle atm. But it is disheartening seeing the scales only shift 2lbs here and there! :/

Any tips or advice!? Would be greatly appreciated =)