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Thread: Hello everyone :)

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    Hello everyone :)

    Hi everyone
    I'm determined to lose weight and become fitter and healthier in 2014. I've been 'playing at it' since the New Year so decided last night to join Slimming World online. Found this site today and decided to create an account as it looks like it has some brilliant info and will be a source of motivation.
    Looking forward to chatting with you all so please say hello

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    Diet: Weight Watchers
    Height: 5ft8in
    Start Date: 1/18/2014
    Start Weight: 363lb
    Current Weight: 351.7lb
    Goal Weight: 160lb
    Goal Date: However long it takes me! :)

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 55.2
    Current BMI: 53.5
    Goal BMI: 24.3

    Total Weight Loss: 11.3lb
    Weight to Lose: 191.7lb
    % Lost 3.11%
    Hi, Julb! Welcome to the forum! I keep seeing Slimming World, so I must ask, what is it, exactly? lol! I guess it must be a UK diet program? Haven't heard about it in the States. Anyway, good luck to you! This is a great place you've found here.
    (I weigh myself once per month on the 18th.)

    Below, for every 10lbs. lost =

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    Diet: Slimming World Online
    Height: 5ft1in
    Start Date: January 25th 2014
    Start Weight: 13st3.0lb
    Current Weight: 12st9lb
    Goal Weight: 9st4.0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 35
    Current BMI: 33.4
    Goal BMI: 24.6

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st5lb
    % Lost 4.32%
    Welcome Julb!

    I thought about joining Slimming world online, but from what I read it's £80 for 3 months? Seems like a lot to me just for some receipe information ,or is there more to it than that? I don't want to do the group meeting part, only thought about the online bit, would like to hear what you actually get for the £80 for 3 months.

    You've taken the step now you've decided 'Todays the day' lol Wish you luck hun x
    My SW Diary

    Week 1 - 4 : - 2 ¾lb
    Week 5 - : -1¼lb
    Week 6 -: - ½lb
    Week 7 -: -2lb
    Week 8-: - 1½lb

    Total: 8lb lossed

    Mini Goals

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    Great to hear from you Thank you for your replies.

    Angelwings - Slimming World is a diet program ....... similar principle to weight watchers but with a different diet plan

    Smuffin - it is usually £80 for 3 months but it's on offer at the moment for £59 and then I found a voucher code (change4life) that gave another £15 off. Not had chance to look at it all yet but the food tracker, journal and database looks pretty good. Did join a class last year and loved the diet but struggled to get to classes so my motivation disappeared. Hoping the SW online (and this forum!!!) will help keep me on track

    Good luck to both of you too Hope we can help each other to reach our goals

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